Everything you need to know about doing an MBA in Hong Kong
Why Hong Kong is an appealing examine destination for MBA college students There are several reasons why students are attracted to doing their MBA in Hong Kong. First, Hong Kong is a commercial enterprise hub and one in every of the largest financial hubs inside the international. Many multinational companies have local places of work or headquarters  mba hk based totally in Hong Kong, along with IBM, Estée Lauder, and FedEx. “That means the type of possibilities that [students] are going to get in Hong Kong [and] the kind of gaining knowledge of that we’ll look at in Hong Kong, it’s going to be extraordinary due to the fact an MBA is in reality a journey. It’s an experience, no longer just constrained to what happens in the classroom…however past that, and that’s in which Hong Kong as a destination is available in,” says Sachin Tipnis, Senior Executive Director at HKU Business School. (02:26) Second, “Hong Kong has a completely bendy and expertise-pleasant visa policy,” Usilaner Li explains. Usilaner is the Manager of Marketing & Admissions for MBA Programs at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This approach “for all non-nearby, complete-time students, after they end their studies, they could apply for a visa for as much as one year without any conditions, but then they could paintings in Hong Kong.” (01:15) Hong Kong’s work visa coverage for college kids “showcases that Hong Kong is open for skills,” Sachin declares. “It also showcases we want to retain the expertise we're training – and that is a totally essential attention for MBA college students.” (03:35) Third, Hong Kong is a secure and expat-friendly town. In truth, the town’s expat percent of the population is one of the maximum within the international. It doesn’t harm that both English and Chinese are the official languages used in Hong Kong, making it easy for expats to stay and paintings within the city. In terms of protection, Usilaner provides, “[For] ladies like me, if I need to go out past due at night, it is nonetheless best…So I could say Hong Kong is a completely safe metropolis to live in.” (01:59) Four pillar industries in Hong Kong “In Hong Kong, we've got 4 pillar industries that provide awesome possibilities for employment,” Grace Liang, Executive Director of MBA Programs at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School, explains. (04:01) These industries are: Financial services. Among the 100 biggest worldwide banks, 70 have an office in Hong Kong. Trading and logistics. Located at the heart of Asia, Hong Kong bridges East with West. The largest a few of the 4 main economic pillars in Hong Kong, trading and logistics accounted for 19.Eight% of the town’s GDP in 2019. Tourism. While tourism become badly hit throughout the coronavirus pandemic, it remains one of the foremost pillars of the financial system in Hong Kong. In 2018, tourism accounted for round 6.6% of overall employment. Professional services. Hong Kong boasts a ramification of commercial enterprise and expert offerings in fields like HR Consulting, Legal Services, and Sustainability. In 2019, 89% of overall employment become taken up via the professional offerings region. Beyond those pillar industries, Grace provides that Hong Kong’s Greater Bay Area is “the heart for entrepreneurship and…own family enterprise in Hong Kong.” (06:15) Usilaner also notes era as an up-and-coming industry in the metropolis. For instance, in HKUST’s MBA Class of 2019, “33% of college students landed jobs in technology,” Usilaner says. “In the past when we ought to nonetheless fly, Facebook could have a person flying from the Singapore workplace to our Hong Kong campus to recruit our college students.” (06:fifty seven) High living expenses in a quick-paced metropolis: Challenges of pursuing an MBA in Hong Kong The biggest mission college students may face in the event that they want to look at in Hong Kong is the high dwelling charges. While each day expenses are similar to other large cities round the sector, Hong Kong’s housing expenses make it one of the maximum pricey cities for expats. To attract the pleasant and brightest students to their MBA programs in spite of the high living prices, business schools in Hong Kong provide a range of alternatives to make dwelling within the metropolis extra possible. Through answers like low cost on-campus housing and scholarships that cover as much as a hundred% of tuition prices, MBA students can nevertheless take into account Hong Kong a top observe vacation spot. Besides price, students may additionally face the task of adapting to an incredibly fast-paced town. Sachin advises, “You want to make sure that your character and your career desires are aligned to this form of paintings lifestyle or the way that Hong Kong movements…You need to truly recognize the local subculture, local beliefs, local values, and that once in a while could be challenging – however in case you’re able to do that, Hong Kong could be a outstanding destination.” (08:06) Grace provides, “[Students] should genuinely put together for extremely in depth learning,” as they’ll be exposed to plenty of networking events and scholar sports along their research. Therefore, Grace urges students to “really plan ahead in terms of how to stability have a look at, networking occasions, sports, and so on. With the intention to make the maximum out of this system.” (09:04) How did the Hong Kong protests have an effect on student life? Between June 2019 and November 2020, Hong Kong saw numerous months of pro-democracy protests over plans that would have allowed extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China. As the protests have become global information, we wanted to recognize how the Hong Kong protests impacted scholar lifestyles. “Even at the peak of those demonstrations, it became very localized,” Sachin tells us. “It by no means unfold to the volume that disruptions passed off in our MBA students’ research or in classrooms on-campus.” (13:39) Usilaner says, “During the protests, we counseled that our students simply stay far from the ones protest regions…Basically, our college students have their research as typical or some of the training have been taught on-line, like now [during] COVID-19. But I would say, in any case, Hong Kong is a very secure metropolis.” (12:48) In brief, despite the unrest, faculties in Hong Kong are devoted to protective their students and turning in a extraordinary, safe enjoy for every body. What you need to recognise earlier than arriving in Hong Kong Before you embark on an interesting MBA adventure in Hong Kong, Usilaner, Grace, and Sachin would love to leave you with a few matters to hold in mind: “Hong Kong is a completely multinational city…[and] our MBA program is also very multinational, which means you have loads of stimulation from special cultures or human beings from different backgrounds,” Usilaner says. “So I could recommend [students] stay very open-minded [and] to search for possibilities not best on your favored industry, however additionally in different industries or maybe other locations.” (20:45) “It goes to be very extensive mastering,” Grace explains. “I could advise to put together for a awesome deal of difficult paintings mentally. You will have courses, lectures, but [also] a number of networking events [and] pupil-organized sports. Everything will maintain you busy. At the [same time], there are a whole lot of professional workshops, more interviews and internship possibilities…So it's far going to be a very busy life in Hong Kong.” (21:17) Finally, Sachin emphasizes the unique paintings visa for MBA graduates in Hong Kong. “Hong Kong is open for talent, and that’s why [you] get [your] scholar visa transformed into a piece visa with none issue,” he says. Because this paintings visa isn’t related to an agency, “this also way that it’s clean to begin an entrepreneurial task in Hong Kong because you've got the visa on your call.” (22:08) To sum it up, Hong Kong is an interesting study vacation spot at the heart of Asia. As a primary business and monetary hub, students will find plenty of career opportunities across industries put up-MBA. Leading business schools also provide state-of-the-art, present day curricula to set college students up for success for doing commercial enterprise in Asia.

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